New-ish CLR/Reflection Blogger

I mentioned a while back that I change from being a PM for System.Reflection and System.Reflection.Emit..e.t.c to joining the BCL team. (Therefore instead of working of those feature... I'll be owning System.*...etc.) Well.. who's gonna own those features then?

Please meet Thottam Sriram! Thottam is THE new Reflection/Reflection.Emit/CodeDOM PM on our team. For those of you interested in Reflection ..e.t.c, he has some very interesting post about "overiding a property using new and reflection" and "the difference between .cctors and ctors" just to name a few.

I should get him to post an article for the BCL Blog. 🙂

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  1. Garry Trinder says:

    (apologies if this is repeated — you seem to be having server trouble)

    Ya’know this is the second (and third) time in two days that I’ve seen "etc." spelled "e.t.c."

    <pedantic>"etc." is an abbreviation for "et cetera" (latin for "and so forth").  Which means that the "et" part isn’t abbreviated at all.  No periods are needs (or belong) there.  The only period should be after the "c").</pedantic>

  2. Kathy Kam says:

    Remember how I ran the Compiler back in March? Well, on Thursday July 27th, we have a bigger and better…

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