Blogging: Tips for a successful post

As a relatively new blogger, I am still learning what are good topics to blog. One of the metric I used to see how I do is the data provides about how many people read my post (Aggregated and normal).

Krzysztof and I had a nice long discussion about this over coffee one day. Our conclusion is that it's all in the title. That's the basically the blogging world's one liner advertisement. On the BCL blog, we found that Krzysztof's post "What if we give you $100" has one of the highest hits since the relaunch of the BCL blog. Therefore, like all marketing schemes, titles that hints at giving money away always works. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is my theory on how to create a success post:
1) Discuss a topic that many people wants to hear about
2) Provide value in your topic that cannot be found any where else
3) Provide a forum for discussion
4) In your title, include anything that relates to money i.e "Win $10,000" or "What if we give you $100"

As a reader, what do you look for? As a blogger, what tips have you picked up?

Comments (11)

  1. I look for quality and consistency on the topic

  2. KathyKam says:

    Hi Eber,

    I agree with quality, but I would say it more concretly like.. "Every post should have value." However, some of the topics requires quite a bit of homework, like my string format post. An annoucment post like Rotor 2.0 ship have value, but require less homework. Do you include annoucement post as "quality" posts?


  3. Kevin Daly says:

    You’re definitely right that it’s all in the title.

    Although I once naively posted an entry titled "Fooling around with the Atom API" and got *way* more hits than I’d anticipated. It turns out lots of people were Googling for "fooling around".

    Dirty little devils.

  4. sure there is some value on announcements, but then I get another 50 blogs with the same thing, so I don’t know

    on the other hand, if you follow up with some stuff about it, then it adds value with consistency (and hopefully quality)

  5. Wes says:

    I just try to get as many search terms as possible in my titles so people can pick them up easily on search engines. That is where I get most of my hits from, and that is my target audience.

  6. KathyKam says:

    Hey Kevin,

    That’s really funny! ๐Ÿ™‚ Our blogging title should follow the spammer’s tactics.

    How do you like this title?

    "How to make $1 million dollars with BCL APIs". ๐Ÿ˜€

    Now seriously, I personally find it more fullfilling to establish a loyal readership rather than depending the one off "google keyword" to get me my readers. This way, we can have conversation and discussions! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think my readers will leave if I have too many post falsely promising get rich quick or diet schemes!



  7. Interesting titles are essential. Giving a clue what your post is about is number 1.

    But it sort of winds down to why you blog. Do you blog to have loyal readers, or to share information to people looking for answers. If you blog to share information, like Wes and me, your title needs to have some kind of hook for the search engines. When googling, I stay far away from titles saying "Get rich using SQL Express". (Or maybe not, I might get curious, and read the post.)

    I try to add at least the product name of things I blog about, to give people a chance to know what I’m writing about. Makes picking up my posts. I also try to include error messages and event IDs when writing about how I’ve solved tricky things, and link to resources for solutions. This is what I like to find in other people’s blog posts when I’m searching for solutions.

    I try to write a techie blog. But the blog post I’ve got most hits on, is the one called "Standing in line to see FC Barcelona vs. Chelsea FC". It was popular around February 2005, and became even more popular in January 2006… So much for writing about techie stuff. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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