"Reflection on the CLR" vs "BCL Team WebLog"

I just added a "news" widget on right side of my blog annoucing to the world that I also post on the BCL Team Weblog. So I want to go over the difference in what i'll post on the two blogs.

This blog is mine (aka me, moi, I)... it will be my opinions, observation and experience on working on the BCL, CLR and Microsoft and being a Program Manager. I will post BCL related topics, career tips I have picked up, or even a little code snippet in side projects I'm working on.

The BCL blog is from the BCL team. It is a great repository of BCL knowledge and Frequent Ask Questions. Because it is from the team, we draw content from the various experts on the team. It contains a mixture of perspective and it is a great place to ask BCL questions. It might seem a little quiet right now, but ....

We are relaunching the BCL's blog soon!

As you can tell already, we've re-skinned it. Next week, I expect a flood of posting from various members of the team. I am so excited.

Let me know what you want to hear about. I will do my best in getting it answered by the team.

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