Compiler Lab 2006

Recently, I have also been working on putting together a Compiler Lab for 2006. If any of you are interested in attending, please let me know. Our exciting agenda includes talks on LINQ and IronPython (by Jim Hugunin himself!).

Here is the official invite:



You are invited to attend a CLR Compiler Lab that will be held on the Microsoft Redmond Campus, in our Platform Adoption Center (Building 20), March 13th – 15th, 2006.


This lab will focus on integration technologies included in Orcas (the next generation of Visual Studio) and LINQ.


We’ve listened to your feedback from the previous events! This lab will combine deep presentations, hands on labs and the opportunity to connect 1:1 with the product team. You will get the opportunity to get familiar with the technology through presentations and work with the latest builds of LINQ. You will also be able to provide feedback to the product teams and get your questions answered.


  • There is no fee to attend, but you are responsible for your own travel expenses
  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided plus, on the evening of March 14th we will have a barbeque with the product team.
  • For maps, hotels, please visit our web site at

  • Office space for 2 - 4 developers, including space for machines, a lockable door and Internet access will be provided to each organization.


I am working with the CLR team to drive the content for this event.


If you have specific questions or feedback on what you’d like to see in the content delivered at this, please send mail to me at


If you would like to attend please send the following to

·         Name of your company or organization

·         Name of attendees

·         Contact information for attendees (e-mail, physical address, and phone)


Please note that due to limited space for this lab the deadline for RSVP'ing is March 3rd, 2006.


Priority seating will be given to partners focused on integrating their product with LINQ.

Please make your travel arrangements so that you can attend the entire day (until 5PM) on March 15th.


Looking forward to your attendance,


Michael Lehman

Technical Evangelist

Developer and Platform Evangelism

Microsoft Corporation

Comments (5)

  1. I wish the slides (or even better – videos) from the lab could be available for download later for those of us who can’t possibly attend (but really really want to)…

  2. If you’re at the Microsoft campus at the upcoming compiler-lab and want to chat about ICorDebug or low-level…

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