MVP Global Summit

Tonight, I got to meet many MVP at the MVP Global Summit. Thanks for all your great feedback and discussions about the CLR!

Here are some of the key takeaways I have:

- Developers want improvement in performance for Reflection

(Has anyone read Joel's article on Reflection Performance?)

- Developers are very excited about Generics

- Developers want to have more documentation available

I am interested in hearing more feedback, so please feel free to leave a comment about any of the following topics:

- System.Reflection

- System.Reflection.Emit

- CodeDOM

- Delegates

Comments (1)

  1. Mihailik says:

    MethodBody.GetILAsByteArray makes it not easy for parsing IL. Parsing is complex and error-prone task. Why not implement it by Microsoft?

    * * *

    CodeDom seems for me completely evil. Here is Reflection.Emit and it is more powerful, performant and flexible.

    It may be usable to make CodeDome/Reflection.Emit provider. So it would be CodeDomeProvider that compile CodeDom tree right to AssemblyBuilder. By the way, XML Serialization performance would be improved much in this way.

    I doubt why on Earth XML Serialization use CodeDom to build serializer. In .NET early times it might be acceptable. But now XML going to be used for much broad purposes. I need speed, but XML Serialization even today use spawned process csc.exe to compile on-the-fly. I hate it!

    If you implement RegEx with Reflection.Emit, drop this ugly CodeDom implementation of XML Serialization.

    * * *

    Delegates performs ugly on long call list. Try to make 10,000 long multicast list, call it and it will stay working for ~20min!

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