Project Silk Drop 13

The patterns & practices Web Guidance team released Drop 13 of Project Silk (7-13-2011). The code changes for this release were minor.


If you have not seen the Project Silk video check it out here.


The following chapters are ready for review:

  • Design and Layout (new)
  • Modularity (early draft)
  • Communication (early draft)
  • Navigation (early draft)
  • Server-Side Implementation (updated)
  • Introduction (updated)
  • Architecture
  • Client Data Management and Caching
  • jQuery UI Widgets
  • Application Notifications
  • Security
  • Unit Testing Web Applications
  • Widget QuickStart
  • How to: Check UIElement Properties with Coded UI Test
  • How to: Create Automation Negative case with Coded UI Test
  • How to: Create Web Client UI Test using Coded UI Test

The following chapters are currently being written or will be started soon:

  • HTML Templates


We welcome and appreciate your feedback on the application and book content.

Have a great day,


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