Registration Open for Prism, Unity, WPF, MVVM Boise Training Event

Registration is now open for the  patterns & practices Prism, Unity, WPF, MVVM training event, 27-29 June in Boise, ID. All event information can be found on the registration page.


In addition a dinner is planned for Sunday, 26 June at the Goodwood Barbecue Company at 6:00pm.


Very much looking forward to these events.

Have a great day,


Comments (5)

  1. Trumble says:

    Will there be a webcast of this?

  2. karl140.6 says:


    No, we won't have a live webcast.  I'm looking into recording the event.


  3. Pallavi says:

    HI Karl …

    I am a software developer as well as a team leader and I happen to be training people in my organization about new technologies and concepts in general.

    I managed to  download the Boise June Event folder and I absolutely loved the contents and the slides. I was wondering that can I reference your slides when I try to teach people about silverlight/wpf/mvvm patterns.

    Can you please send me an assertion /views to

    I will be very glad. I just want to be sure that i can use those slides to pass on the information with your concent. I will ofcourse give reference to your material and this site yet some how an assertion would make me more comfortable thats all. And thanks a millon for sharing all the good work. I will be following your blogs for sure.

    Warm regards


  4. Oscar Agreda says:

    Hello Kark

    were you able to record the event ?, is so do you have a link for it.

    by looking at the agenda and the speakers, I can imagine this is the best Prism training ever!!


  5. karl140.6 says:


    The recording didn't work.  🙁

    I'm thinking of trying to do another event.  But nothing firm.


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