Announcing a Prism, Unity, WPF, MVVM Training Event

Save the dates for a 3 day patterns & practices Prism, Unity, WPF, MVVM training event, 27-29 June in Boise, ID.

Join three Prism Team members Bob Brumfield (lead developer), Geoff Cox (developer), and myself (program manager) for an information packed 2 days of instruction followed up by a day of pair-programming.

Day one will consist of WPF and MVVM topics; day two Prism 4.0 and Unity; day three is dedicated to pair-programming, getting your questions answered, and an opportunity for you to apply the last two days’ training against your scenarios and programming style. The pair-programming day is always so much fun along with some wicked coding.

This is a free event for 75 attendees. Each seat has a desktop, power and wireless.

Registration will open soon and will be announced on my blog and twitter.

Very much looking forward to spending time with developers and taking in the beauty of Idaho.

Have a great day,



Comments (11)

  1. Jon Bachelor says:

    What an awesome sounding event!!  I won't be able to make it, but if the event happened to be recorded on video, I'd be first in line to view it!  Or maybe you'd enjoy a vacation in southern California, where you all could maybe possibly pretty please do the same sort of sessions??  =)     I for one would be an extremely grateful geek!  For now, I'm just super-jealous of anyone going to this event!  Thank you for putting it together!!

  2. tan says:

    could you please let us know the location in details please?


  3. karl140.6 says:


    Boise should be a short plane ride form LA.  Would there be interest for a similar event in Southern California?



  4. karl140.6 says:


    The event is in Boise, ID.  I'll publish all the details soon.



  5. Tan says:

    I have not done any WPF, however, can I assume that these pattern and pratice are very much applied to Silverlight?

    trying to convince my boss that this well applied for Silverlight.

    I am from London by the way, so it will be a long way to get there

  6. karl140.6 says:


    While the code examples will be in WPF, the material applies to Silverlight as well.  The Prism documentation and examples are in both WPF & Silverilght.  On the pair programming day, you'll be able to work in Silveright and get your questions answered.



  7. Matula says:

    Are you guys planning on doing a similar event on the east coast? I think something like this in NYC would be a big hit !!!!

  8. karl140.6 says:


    We don't have any firm plans for the East Coast as of now.


  9. Murray Macdonald says:

    Any plans for another event?

  10. karl140.6 says:


    Not at this point.  I've been thinking of doing a series of LiveMeeting trainings, not sure.


  11. shubha says:

    please share online video link for the same. I have developed a application in WPF and planning to convert the same using prism and MVVM in WPF.

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