Unveiling .Net Framework 3.5

Earlier this week, on November 19th to be precise, the Developer Division group at Microsoft announced the RTM of the fourth major installment of .Net Framework (for anyone counting we have had .Net Fx 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 and though 1.1 is not counted the same way it brought a lot of necessary features to…


Presentation decks from recent talks at the ESRI dev summit

Last week I was at the ESRI dev summit in Palm Springs and gave a couple of talks on ASP.Net AJAX and WPF. Attached are the slide decks for the same. The slides are in Office 2007 format, if someone needs them in any other formats please contact me.  Thanks, Kashif Kalam_Pres.zip


Session Initiation Protocol 101

Last week I was at the Aspect Consumer Experience conference and attended a session on SIP – here are some notes from the session providing you with all the basic things you need to know about SIP  Steps in VOIP are similar to a phone call ·         Caller specifies ·         Called Party receives ·         Communication…


ListView Presentation – slides and samples

Here are the presentation slides and samples from today’s webcast ‘An In-depth Look at the ListView Control’. Please let me know if you have any comments on the control herewith. I will post the webcast recording once it is available. Thanks, Kashif Web_ListView.zip


Moving from ASP.Net AJAX Beta2 to RTM

Yesterday, I was moving some of my samples written for ASP.Net AJAX Beta 2 over to RTM and here are some of the things I encountered that might be useful to you The assembly name has changed from Microsoft.Web.Extensions.* to System.Web.Extensions.* – the change aligns nomenclature to already existing assemblies in .Net frameworks. This will…

The ASP.Net ListView control in Visual Studio ‘Orcas’

When ‘ASP.Net AJAX’ (formerly codenamed Atlas) was first released for preview back in Sep 2005, one of the controls that was released as part of the preview was the ‘ListView’ client-side control – the control created the rendering on the fly on the client based on xml-script and the html skeletons defined on the page…


ASP.Net AJAX presentation

A couple of weeks back I delivered a presentation on ASP.Net AJAX to our ISV partners. Attached are the slides and the follow up Q & A log. Thanks, Kashif ASPNET AJAX.zip


Mix 07 – registration is now open…

Check out the Mix 07 site and register at an early bird discounted price. Keynotes being delivered Ray Ozzie and Scott Guthrie… -Kashif