Service pack ,Hotfix and CU installation for SQL Server 2005 might fail with “Unable to install Windows Installer MSI file“

Installation of SQL Server 2005 Service pack ,Hotfix and CU  would fail fails with “Unable to install Windows Installer MSI file“ and message box “ A recently applied update failed to install” You will find below errors in setup logs. Summary.txt: Product Installation Status Product                   : Setup Support Files Product Version (Previous): Product Version (Final)  …


How to move the LOB data from one file group to other?

  We do not have a direct way to move the LOB data from one file group to other. Using ALTER TABLE and/or CREATE INDEX to support moving LOB data is unavailable till current version of  SQL (SQL Server 2008).   Only way to move the LOB data is to 1. create new table in…


Runtime error: ActiveX component can’t create object: ‘SQLDMO.SQLServer’

  When you use SQLDMO ??? Install SQL Server2005 Backward compatibility Also remember if you have installed 32-Bit SQL Server on 64-Bit you have to use Cscript.exe from SysWOW64


Initializing the FallBack certificate failed with error code: 1, state: 1, error number: -2146893788.

Problem Description :   v  Unable to start SQL Server 2005 default instance on a standalone server. v  We notice below Error message in the SQL Server Error Log                                             2009-07-15 19:03:25.74 spid5s      Error: 15466, Severity: 16, State: 1.                                 2009-07-15 19:03:25.74 spid5s      An error occurred during decryption.                                 2009-07-15 19:03:25.79 spid5s      Server name…


SQL Agent MaxWorkerThreads and Agent subsystem

    In SQL Server Agent Execution of each supported job step is handled by a subsystem. Except for TSQL steps, each subsystem is handled by an external .dll file that is loaded into SQL Agent’s process at startup. Each subsystem takes information about the job step to execute and interprets it according to its…