What is Target Server Memory (KB)?

What is Target Server Memory (KB)?


To  super simplify  in conventional memory model  SQL Server calculates something like target1 and target2 pages using below formula



Target1 = Current committed pages of SQL Server + ( Available Physical Memory - min (Total Physical Memory Pages / 20, Available Physical Memory Pages / 2))

ullAvailPageFile: The maximum amount of memory the current process can commit, in bytes. This value is equal to or smaller than the system-wide available commit value. To calculate the system-wide available commit value, call GetPerformanceInfo and subtract the value of CommitTotal from the value of CommitLimit.


If (Max Server Memory < ullAvailPageFile)


Target2= Max Server Memory




Target2=Total Physical Memory



Target Server Memory (KB) =Minimum (Target1,Target2)


So if AvailablePhysicalMemory is very high (or) when MaxServermemory is low then Target Server Memory (KB) would give you the MaxServerMemory  else value derived from above formula.









Karthick P.K

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