Unable to run SQLAgent job’s in SQL server 2000 Service Pack 4

Unable to run SQLAgent job's in SQLServer 2000 Service Pack 4


In SQL Server 2000 Service pack 4. When we try to run a job, the job doesn’t run. We won’t see any failure messages either. When we click the job properties and then click on "Job History" it gives a message stating "No History information"

In the Enterprise Manager, when we click on Jobs we see the Status Column as "Not Running"; Last run Status as "Unknown"; Next Run Date as "Date and time not available" .At the same time, few other jobs on the same instance may run successfully.

There is no specific Error Message. We just see that the job doesn’t run.

This could be a problem with the version of  XPSTAR.DLL.


Product Version has to match with the current version of service pack level.

If  the " XPSTAR.DLL" is still on RTM(Release to Manufacture) Version of SQL server 2000 or below the version of service pack we might get it to this issue.  

To resolve this issue extract the  XPStar.DLL from SQL server 2000 service pack 4 and replace it with the one in  "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Binn"


Note: We can also reapply the service pack 4 + QFE to resolve this.

Note: Use Checksym.exe to find the version of all the SQLServer DLL’s and EXE’s . If there are more than 1 DLL or EXE’s which are below SP4 then we recommend you reapplying the service Pack.

CheckSym.exe -P SQLProcessID -R -O C:\SQLServr.txt

CheckSym.exe -P SQLProcessID -R -O C:\SQLagent.txt


Karthick P.K


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