How to hide Created at and Last Modified at details in the DispForm.aspx and EditForm.aspx?

Workaround 1:============  1. Open the site in FrontPage  2. Open the Lists Folders  3. Open the List  4. Open the DispForm.aspx page  5. In the Design Mode, Right Click on the List select “Edit SharePointListForm”  6. Remove the fields   Apply the same steps for EditForm.aspx Workaround 2:============   1. Open Site Definition folder / List…


SPWeb.File.Add() it throws "The server instance not found" error message

PROBLEM When we use the FQDN name in the SPWeb object, and calls the Add() method, we will get the following error message. The server instance not found Root Cause: In stsadm.exe or any executable, STS only uses the IIS metabase to figure out the IIS instance for a given URL. For SSL, the IIS…


SPS 2003 : "Cannot complete this action" Error message in custom list definition

Problem: While you create custom list instances on ONET.XML by adding to the configuration section, getting an error “Cannot complete this action” in the template selection screen Resolution: For the Custom List Definition, the DefaultDescription property is mandatory, so we should specify the DefaultDescription. But this property is not mandatory field for the DocumentLibrary, Announcements…


SPS 2003 : How to persist an object state in to a session variable from custom web part?

Problem: How to persist an object state in to a session variable from custom web part? When you use the System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Session property you will get the error message “object reference not to set an instance of the object”. Work Around: Use the Page.Session property to store the object in session


Sharepoint : How to use Event List as resource organizer (Meeting Resource Organizer)

Out of box SharePoint 2003 doesnt support this functionality which is essential. I found a workaround and here I provide the details. Its little tricky, so if you miss any step, the functionality may not work. I have attached the sample files here. 1.                   Develop a sample web part code to write the details of…


CMS 2002 SP1 A : Installation – Getting "SQL-DMO (from SQL SP2) or above (required by MCMS Server) not installed" error

Problem: When you install CMS-2002 SP1a and the SQL Server installed in a remote machine, you will get the prerequisites not installed for “SQL-DMO (from SQL SP2) or above (required by MCMS Server)”.   Root Cause: The VS developer components for CMS 2002 SP1a require the SQL-DMO components. Resolution: Create setup project for SQL DMO components…


How to enable document library event handlers for the newly created document libraries at the list definition level

The List definition files can be configured in such a way that the event handler configured automatically for the newly created document libraries. Here I provide the details of how to do it.  Open the Site definition folder. If you use default Site definition, STS, then open the folder from the following location. “C:\program files\common…


SharePoint : User Management – SPS

Here you go for the sample code snippets for user management in SPS  –        //Add users to the portal area or portal site level                                     TopologyManager tm = new TopologyManager();                                     PortalSite ps = tm.PortalSites[ new Uri(“http://karthickmain:9092”) ];                                     Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.PortalContext ctx = Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.PortalApplication.GetContext(ps);                                     Guid NewsGuid = AreaManager.GetSystemAreaGuid(ctx,SystemArea.News);                                     PermissionCollection pc = SecurityManager.ManageAreaSecurity(ctx,NewsGuid);                                     pc.AddUser(“fareast\\ramkathi”,””,”Ram”,””,PortalRight.AddListItems);…


SharePoint : User Management – WSS

Its hard to search from the SDK to find APIs and methods for the user managment. I have compiled the set of sample code snippets for the User Management in WSS   –        //Add user to the site groups                                     SPWeb mySite = new SPSite(“http://karthickmain:9091/default.aspx”).OpenWeb();                                     SPRole reader = mySite.Roles[“Reader”];                                     //reader.AddUser(userName,email,displayName,notes);                                     reader.AddUser(“fareast\\pavank”, “”,…