SharePoint: How to retrieve specific version of file from a document library thro’ programmatically?

The SPFile.Versions API can be used to retrieve the specific version of the document library.


I have compiled a sample code snippet to retrieve the specific version of the document library.


            //Open the web

            SPWeb web = new SPSite("http://karthickmain:9091/sites/siteb").OpenWeb();

            //Get the folder

            SPFolder folder = web.Folders["Shared Documents"];

            //Get the file

            SPFile file = folder.Files["abc.doc"];

            //Get all the versions

            SPFileVersionCollection versions = file.Versions;

            //Get the first version

            SPFileVersion version = versions[3];


            //Get the data

byte [] dBytes = version.OpenBinary();



How to restore a specific version back to the document library thro’ programmatically?


There are two ways we can restore the document.

1.      SPFileVersionCollection.Restore() method

                        //restore specific version



2.      SPFile.SaveBinary() method



But however the Restore method is more efficient as per msdn




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  1. qzb says:

    Great!But will the SPFileVersion Object exist in database if the SPFile object is deleted?

  2. Amit Naik says:

    Great, I've written a brief blog on a slight difference between SPFile.Versions and SPListItem.Versions :…/file-version-history-c.html

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