One area that is currently top of mind for me is designer and developer collaboration with WPF and Expression Blend, in particular around animation.  I’d like to start documenting some techniques and outlining things that can and can’t be done.   Before diving in, let’s quickly review the animation system in WPF.  The two ways to…



I’ve been meaning to document how I wrapped the Twitter API … in 4.5 seconds.   There is a very powerful feature in .NET is a tool in the sdk called xsd.exe.  Darren David actually has a fabulous post on exactly the power of this tool: never touch a DOM or XPATH again!   His post explains what is happening…


New Lab Posted: Creating 3D Content with Windows Presentation Foundation

I just posted a new lab for learning how to use 3D in WPF.  This is a great lab that I would highly recommend if you are learning WPF 3D. It shows how to do dynamic animation of 3D content as well as how to do 2D on 3D using the 3DTools.


North Face Case Study Published

A case study about the North Face Kiosk is now posted to the Microsoft Case Studies site.  This is a nice write up, showing how the technology solved business problems, and explaining the larger context of how the kiosk plays into The North Face’s overall marketing and sales goals. There are quite a few nice…


Inspired By Flash Math Creativity #2: WPF Planets

My next inspiration from the algorithms introduced in Flash Math Creativity was based on the work of Jamie MacDonald. In looking at his work,  I quickly realized that I was going to need to brush up on my trigonometry skills. This led me to another great Friend of Ed book, Foundation ActionScript Animation: Making Things Move,…


Inspired By Flash Math Creativity: WPF Flowers

I’ve recently picked up a great book called Flash Math Creativity.  I been inspired by some of the techniques it outlines and have played around with similar ideas in WPF.  The exercise has been a fruitful one, in that I’m making some pleasing computer art while also learning about the differences between Action Script animation…


WPF Application Portfolio Wiki Updated — More WPF Apps!

Tim Sneath has been doing a great job of blogging the many Vista/WPF showcase applications that are being deployed right now.  If you are looking for a quick list of URLs that you can hit for the .XBAP or .APPLICATION files, please go to the WPF Application Portfolio wiki, which I’ve updated with all the links,…


Announcing Expression Blend Beta 2 and Expression Design Beta 1

You can now go download Expression Blend Beta 2 as well as Expression Design Beta 1. Both applications have received significant work since their last incarnation with tons of bugs fixed. Go give ’em a whirl.


Databinding In Expression Blend: Forget the Data and Do the Bind

I just posted a screencast showing how to wire up UI elements using Blend.  The general premise is that databinding in WPF is about more than just data; it also allows you to connect UI properties, like wiring a slider up to a progress bar. Blend exposes this is a very useable way, once you know…


Doninoken: WPF XBAP Piece by Bascule

Check out Doninoken, an amazing WPF piece that is part of the Japanese Vista launch, done by the design agency Bascule.   The aesthetic is amazing.  I love how they use WPF 3D, mapping images on planes and animating the planes. (Watch for the small camera that pops up after the title screen that lets you interact…