Inspired By Flash Math Creativity #2: WPF Planets

My next inspiration from the algorithms introduced in Flash Math Creativity was based on the work of Jamie MacDonald. In looking at his work,  I quickly realized that I was going to need to brush up on my trigonometry skills. This led me to another great Friend of Ed book, Foundation ActionScript Animation: Making Things Move,…


WPF Application Portfolio Wiki Updated — More WPF Apps!

Tim Sneath has been doing a great job of blogging the many Vista/WPF showcase applications that are being deployed right now.  If you are looking for a quick list of URLs that you can hit for the .XBAP or .APPLICATION files, please go to the WPF Application Portfolio wiki, which I’ve updated with all the links,…


Announcing Expression Blend Beta 2 and Expression Design Beta 1

You can now go download Expression Blend Beta 2 as well as Expression Design Beta 1. Both applications have received significant work since their last incarnation with tons of bugs fixed. Go give ’em a whirl.


Databinding In Expression Blend: Forget the Data and Do the Bind

I just posted a screencast showing how to wire up UI elements using Blend.  The general premise is that databinding in WPF is about more than just data; it also allows you to connect UI properties, like wiring a slider up to a progress bar. Blend exposes this is a very useable way, once you know…


The Definitive Post on XBAP Trust Levels

I’ve written about XBAPs and full trust in the past, but never as thoroughly as Karen Corby just did in her post on XBAP trust levels.  She spent a lot of time getting this post correct, reviewing with various folks within Microsoft and providing very solid guidance.  It is the kind of post that should…


Yahoo Messenger for Vista Debuts at CES

I’m here at CES, where Yahoo and Microsoft showed off a preview of the new Yahoo Messenger for Vista, built entirely on WPF.  Yahoo has a great landing page with screenshots, a screencast of the app and a sign up sheet for when they release a beta.  I held off on blogging this until we got…


Gradient Animation Obsession Redux

I guess I didn’t call it an obsession without reason, as I can’t seem to keep away from those hyponotizing gradient animations.  I modified the tool I posted last month so that it would output the XAML, such that a designer could actually use the tool and never touch a line of XAML.  I set…


The North Face In-Store Explorer

It was at PDC 2005 when The North Face showed a prototype of a WPF kiosk they were building.  Well, with Vista and WPF having RTM’d, the real kiosk has been deployed, which you can read about from lead engineer Darren David at Fluid’s blog.  (Fluid is the agency that did the work for The…


Gradient Obsession: A Tool For Tweaking Gradient Animations

I started getting slightly obsessed/hypnotized with gradient animations and wanted a tool to see what I could do, so I built one.  Basically, I just bound a bunch of sliders to the various transforms on the brush transform.  I reused the infrastructure from an earlier post.  As you watch the animation and see something you…


Woodgrove Finance Application Source Code Posted

The Woodgrove Finance Application is a great demo of how WPF can be used to create better data visualization, in this case for financial data.  I’ve posted the source code — there are some good nuggets in here worth exploring.  Click Here To Run It  Using The Finance Application The application provides a 3D visualization into…