New Lab Posted: Creating 3D Content with Windows Presentation Foundation

I just posted a new lab for learning how to use 3D in WPF.  This is a great lab that I would highly recommend if you are learning WPF 3D. It shows how to do dynamic animation of 3D content as well as how to do 2D on 3D using the 3DTools.


3D Cloth Source Code Posted: Technique for WPF 3D Morph Mesh

There is a great 3D cloth demo that has been floating around interally for awhile and shown at conferences, talks, channel 9 interviews, etc. However, we haven’t ever posted the source code . . . until now.  You can run it from here and download the source code here. I didn’t write this code; David…


Inspired By Flash Math Creativity #2: WPF Planets

My next inspiration from the algorithms introduced in Flash Math Creativity was based on the work of Jamie MacDonald. In looking at his work,  I quickly realized that I was going to need to brush up on my trigonometry skills. This led me to another great Friend of Ed book, Foundation ActionScript Animation: Making Things Move,…


Doninoken: WPF XBAP Piece by Bascule

Check out Doninoken, an amazing WPF piece that is part of the Japanese Vista launch, done by the design agency Bascule.   The aesthetic is amazing.  I love how they use WPF 3D, mapping images on planes and animating the planes. (Watch for the small camera that pops up after the title screen that lets you interact…


Woodgrove Finance Application Source Code Posted

The Woodgrove Finance Application is a great demo of how WPF can be used to create better data visualization, in this case for financial data.  I’ve posted the source code — there are some good nuggets in here worth exploring.  Click Here To Run It  Using The Finance Application The application provides a 3D visualization into…


WPF Vista Gadgets – Part 1: Using XBAP and IFRAME

If you are following Vista, you are probably aware of the Sidebar, real estate on the desktop that can be used to host gadgets.  And, if you are aware of Sidebar, you might be aware that the platform for gadgets is DHTML + Javascript.  And, if you are a WPF designer/developer, you might be asking…


3D Integration in Windows Presentation Foundation: Daniel Lehenbauer Does It Again

How did I miss this?  Daniel’s show on 3D Integration in Windows Presentation Foundation is really nice.  Even better, he shares some great code samples, which indirectly lead me to which has a nifty article — nice domain name snag, Daniel!  I think I need a seperate 5 day course on 3D and WPF…


Thoughts On Video on 3D in WPF

I have uploaded Sandbox3D into the WPF Gallery.  I added back the X, Y and Z axes using ScreenSpaceLines3D from Daniel Lehenbauer.  Most interestingly, I show two different techniques for mapping video on 3D.  One is using the VideoDrawing with a MediaPlayer, like this: private void DrawVideoOnMesh(VideoDrawing vd, GeometryModel3D gm3d, Uri uri){    MediaPlayer mp = new MediaPlayer();    mp.Open(uri);   …


Updated MSDN Article on Dynamic Animations in WPF

I’ve updated an MSDN article that I wrote quite awhile back called Creating 2-D and 3-D Dynamic Animations in Windows Presentation Foundation. Basically, it is a visualization of CPU utilization, dynamically creating the animation on the fly using the WPF Animation engine.  The article shows how to do simple scale animations in 3D, of which…



Those lamenting the loss of ScreenSpaceLines3D — count me as one of them as I used them in Sandbox3D which I need to post ASAP for beta 2 — should check out Daniel Lehenbauer’s community implementation which also includes some other helpful 3D classes.