The Fundamentals Pillar of Longhorn

The Fundamentals Pillar of Longhorn has received far less attention than the other pillars (Avalon, Indigo and WinFS).  This is a shame, because the Fundamentals deserve equal, if not more, attention as the other pillars.  In fact, the Fundamentals are arguably the most important pillar, in that advances in this area are the foundation of…


Writing Asynchronous, Bidirectional, Stateful, Reliable Web Services with Indigo

My article Writing Asynchronous, Bidirectional, Stateful, Reliable Web Services with Indigo went live today on MSDN.  Look forward to thoughts and feedback.  I think the bidirectional features of Indigo are incredibly interesting and haven’t been given enough limelight.


Architecture Series on MSDN

The Architecture Series – An interesting set of talks posted to MSDN on architecture in the Longhorn wave.  Would highly recommend Pat Helland’s talk.  If you’ve never seen him speak, it is worth your time.  He does a great job of talking about how to implement SOA today (reliable messaging, stateful behavior, etc.) and what’s…


Tips for ClickOnce in Longhorn

If you are experimenting with ClickOnce in Longhorn, here are couple tips.  First, the following article is essential: page has a script you need to run on IIS to enable itfor ClickOnce.  Second, if you are looking for the ClickOnce log file, it is located at: %USERPROFILE%\local settings\myapplications\system.deploymentframework.log This can be helpful for debugging.


Reliable Messaging In Indigo

From, Ken Brubaker asks some more questions about reliable messaging in Indigo: Although I will not need to keep resend logic around, won’t I still need my own timeout logic? Not necessarily.  When you create a Dialog Manager, which is the component that manages the Ack/Nack logic of reliable messaging, you inherit a default…


Answering Some Questions About Indigo

A great post by Ken Brubaker that I wanted to address… Aren’t both ASMX and Remoting equally dead-ends for services since both are basically RPC structures (i.e. Function Call) If Indigo will not look like either ASMX or Remoting, how could either be better. They’re both dead ends. Not at all!  Think of Indigo as…


Back To Blogging

After quite a hiatus from the blogsphere, I’m back, motivated in part by other people writing about me.  First, there was Kris Cells’ post — ’nuff said.  Then, there was Aaron Skonnard’s post that implies my absence must have greater implications for the zeitgeist of UDDI. On Aaron’s post: While I am guilty for not…