I just posted three new hands-on labs for Expression Blend that were created for MIX but haven't been posted for the world yet. There's lots of little nuggets in there worth checking out, things like creating a user controls, databinding, triggers, styling controls, using web services, paging, data input and more.  The more I use Blend, the more I love it, but it has its own learning curve, above and beyond WPF.

The first lab is a UI for Windows Live Search, including Image Search.

The second lab is a color swatch lab.

The third lab is a recipe viewer application.

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  1. WynApse says:

    Silverlight Cream for May 22, 2007

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  3. KC says:

    These HOL are plain awesome!

    Thanks man!

  4. Nas says:

    Thanks for the labs – these are brilliant!!!


  5. Well this week was a nice rest, most of it spent relaxing with my wife. So it was a non-coding week but

  6. Expression Blend labs / Losing the

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