Expression Blend Release Candidate 1 is now available for download.  The product keeps getting better, able to render more on its design surface, more stable, better documented and tons of great new samples.  The samples are quite crisp from a design point of view with a designer's eye.  If you want to get the actual source and assets, you'll have to download Blend, but if you want to just check them out,  I've posted screenshots of all six and uploaded them via ClickOnce using the Publish Wizard in Visual Studio so that you can run them directly:

Animation Studio: This is a nifty little animation drawing tool. 

Color Swatch: An app that allows you do envision different color possibilities for interior decorating.


GrandPiano: Play the piano!


Photo Book: Flipping a book of images using 2 1/2 D.

Video Shelf: Video mapped onto 3D planes, library like navigation.

Viewer3D: A motorcycle with particular camera moves to highlight different features




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  1. Shiv says:

    The Links to the last 3 samples are not "active" (as in they don’t show has hyperlinks) and so can’t download those samples.

    The other samples are pretty impressive! The piano sample does not play any music (the keys do animate).

  2. Thanks Karsten!  The team here will start using the latest version.

  3. karstenj says:

    Okay, I posted all of them now.  Not sure what is going on with the piano not playing via clickonce, must be some weird permission thing?  Hmm, will have to investigate — if someone figures it out let me know…

  4. Because I’m such an advanced design guru (ok, ok, I know it’s never going to happen ;-)) I’d turned off…

  5. Expression Blend RCの英語版がリリースされました。 Download details: Expression Blend Release Candidate 付属のサンプルが統一感のある6つに変更されています。

  6. chad.campbell says:

    Thanks for posting these, this has been the first time that I have seen a blog post several applications distributed through ClickOnce.  This is a great sample of this deployment methodology.  (the samples are pretty cool too).

  7. Victor Gaudioso says:

    Hello Karsten, these examples are great.  Is there a posibility of tutorials on how they were created?

    Thanks, Victor

  8. karstenj says:

    First off, I fixed the piano sample so that the music actually plays!

    To Victor: There aren’t "tutorials" on them, but you can certainly look at the source code…

  9. Brad says:

    Why don’t you post the source code files?  Would be convenient…

  10. Doesn’t make much sense to have the source code without the tool — I’d recommend you download Blend!

  11. Blogs says:

    The Expression Blend team quietly announced their excellent designer surface for Windows Presentation

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