Expression Blend Training: New Lab Posted, Training Wiki Updated

This summer, I posted a five day course for WPF.  While this content is all still relevant, using a blog to disseminate this information is, well, so old school.  Unless I constantly update the post, it doesn't have all the latest and greatest sites, tutorials, books and more.  Wikis make so much more sense for this purpose, such that the content stays fresh and, as new content comes online, others can update it.  Hopefully, that will happen up on the Learning WPF and Expression Blend Wiki page, which is a great resource.

The big thing missing from that five day course is Expression Blend training.  Blend is trickier to learn, as reading about using it is much less helpful than watching someone else use the tool and then trying it yourself.  There is now a decent amount of screencasts and labs out there for learning Blend, but (until now) you had to know where to look.  To make this easier, I've aggregated these up on the Learning WPF and Expression Blend Wiki page.

Included in that list is a new lab that I just uploaded which explains workflow between Expression Design and Expression Blend.  It shows a very nifty technique of tracing a bitmap in order to create a vector based asset.

As more of this kind of content comes online, I hope that the community at large will keep this wiki up-to-date.


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