Databinding In Expression Blend: Forget the Data and Do the Bind

I just posted a screencast showing how to wire up UI elements using Blend.  The general premise is that databinding in WPF is about more than just data; it also allows you to connect UI properties, like wiring a slider up to a progress bar. Blend exposes this is a very useable way, once you know your way around.  I also use some cool styles from this Charles Petzold article and show how, in Blend, you can extract a style and template from a piece of XAML to be reused in other parts of your application. 

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  1. Ben says:

    This screencast crashed my XP Professional as soon as media player tried to load it.

  2. These screencasts are really useful to explain concepts and techniques, esp. when bouncing between designer and coder roles.

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