Yahoo Messenger for Vista Debuts at CES

I'm here at CES, where Yahoo and Microsoft showed off a preview of the new Yahoo Messenger for Vista, built entirely on WPF.  Yahoo has a great landing page with screenshots, a screencast of the app and a sign up sheet for when they release a beta.  I held off on blogging this until we got the Channel 10 interview posted, where I hooked up with Jeff Sandquist and the crew to do an interview with the Yahoo folks, Joshua Jacobson and Matthew Skyrm, about the application.  (If you haven't seen Channel 10, it is the sister to Channel 9, targeted to enthusiasts and power users.) They talk about their motivations for building this new messenger, their experience with WPF and Expression and more.  They've got a blog up as well!  I've been working with the lead developer, Eric Burke, along with Frog Design, including Lee Brimelow, on this application and the alpha is looking great. This application is a shining example of the opportunities and possibilities of the Vista and .NET 3.0 platform. Expect to hear more about this, for sure...



Comments (2)

  1. Sarah Bacon says:

    Thanks for the video interview tip! Very cool

  2. Sam Gentile says:

    Completely buried with two projects and the main one is going to CTP #2 at a major back in Paris/London

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