Required Reading: Optimizing WPF Application Performance

If you are a WPF developer, you must read Optimizing WPF Application Performance.  It is chockful of tips, tricks and information about the inner workings of WPF. I’ve read it multiple times and I always learn something new.  It is a glimse into the WPF source code, which you are building on top of whenever…


Plumbing the SDK Samples and Unearthing More About Doing Per Frame Animation

There is a very cool sample buried deeply in the SDK called Per Frame Animation that has some very clever and useful code in it.  I recently was revisiting the sample and realized that there is a lot going on in the sample that may not at first be apparent.  As such, I decided to isolate…


Mike Swanson Is The Man: Flash to WPF Converter Posted

Mike Swanson, a hero already for his Illustrator to XAML converter, has posted a Thanksgiving gift: a SWF to XAML converter.  I just interviewed him for Channel 9, in which he shows some demos and spills the beans on how he did it.


WCF Calls Hanging Without Any Debug or Fault Information

I recently encountered a confusing issue with WCF.  An application that worked fine on RC1 suddenly started intermittently failing on the release build of .NET 3.0.  What was most perplexing was that no errors were returned, no debug information was provided, nothing.  Calls from the client to the server never returned but just hung and…


WPF SDK Release Notes: Clean Your Clocks

Release notes for pre-release version of .NET 3.0 could be read with the hopes that some of the issues raised might be fixed before shipping.  However, the final release notes are worth reading, as these are known issues that were not fixed.  The release notes ship with the SDK and there is some WPF issues worth calling…


.NET 3.0 Shipped and MIX07 Announced: What Better Way To Celebrate Than With A Cool WPF App From ReMIX Japan?

So, if you haven’t heard the news, .NET 3.0 shipped along with the SDK!  The Visual Studio Extensions aren’t official yet, but they are looking better with every build. And, in addition, MIX07 has been announced.   It wouldn’t surprise me if it sold out.   So, what better way to celebrate than checking out this media browser done by…