New Screencast Showing Workflow Between Graphic Designer and Interactive Designer

How would you like to create assets in Graphic Designer and apply them to your WPF applications in Expression Interactive Designer without ever touching a line of XAML?  With some new features in the May 2006 CTPs of EGD and EID, you can do this.  This screencast that I just posted shows you how it can be done. Think of it as a companion to Nathan's screencast on developer and designer workflow. (Note -- the screencast seems to hide the dialog that appears when you apply a resource, but if you are following along w/ EID, it will make sense.)

Another thing you may not realize: you can cut/paste from Adobe Illustrator into EGD, which isn't lossless, but is pretty good.

Comments (1)

  1. Ned Hamilton says:

    Am I doing something wrong?

    This screencast and the earlier one with the clock widget are wonderful examples of how to create custom controls and get them into WinFX apps. And everything works fine in the EGD/EID loop but the design mode in VS2005 isn’t very useful. In VS2005, if I add the custom control dll as a reference and put the control into a WinFX app, it compiles and runs fine.

    But the control doesn’t appear in the toolbox, Intellisense does’t work and there are gobs of squiggly error lines complaining about missing assembly references, etc. Is it because the Orcas extensions are still in rough beta?

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