3D Integration in Windows Presentation Foundation: Daniel Lehenbauer Does It Again

How did I miss this?  Daniel's show on 3D Integration in Windows Presentation Foundation is really nice.  Even better, he shares some great code samples, which indirectly lead me to http://viewport3d.com which has a nifty article -- nice domain name snag, Daniel!  I think I need a seperate 5 day course on 3D and WPF...

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  1. Pavan Podila says:

    "I think I need a seperate 5 day course on 3D and WPF…"

    – Please Do!

  2. lbugnion says:

    Hi Karsten,

    For information, I published the WPF demo I used to present the technology to my colleagues. It was also a good occasion for me to learn the basics. It doesn’t look as nice as your samples, but it might help other people out there anyway.

    The demo features 3D video using a VisualBrush, so it’s on topic with this post 😉 Other features: Binding, Brushes, Transformations (2D/3D), Animations…

    One part of the demo (brushes) includes code located in MSDN, I hope that’s OK, please let me know if it’s not and I’ll replace this part.

    The demo can be found on my webpage http://www.galasoft-lb.ch

    I couldn’t have learnt all that without your blog, so thanks a lot!!


  3. karstenj says:

    Nice demo!  MSDN code is there for the purpose of people learning and using it!

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