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Are you looking for all the important links for Vista WPF WPF/E .NET 3 Expression XAML Atlas and more?  Check out one stop shopping for all the links that matter!

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  1. Andrew Shebanow says:

    why doesn’t it have an RSS feed? No ability to comment on articles?

    Hard for me to take it seriously as a design source when the website itself seems like something done in the 1990s.

  2. karstenj says:

    As far as RSS, comments, etc: I believe that’s coming soon…

  3. dshadle says:

    Yes. Karsten is correct, this next version of the site which I hope to re-launch by the end of the month will be more of a blog and support RSS, comments and if appropriate, forums. While I appreciate the "critique" the immediate goal of the site was to evolve an ever-growing list of links that was being sent out as an email. I will do my best to add a "blink tag" to the next version!?! Thanks.

  4. Andrew Shebanow says:

    Ah, so now RSS and comments are the new equivalent of the "blink" tag? Wasn’t it scoble who said that anyone at Microsoft who put out a site without RSS these days should be fired? 🙂

    Seriously, though, I was just giving you a bit of a hard time – I would have done it on your own blog but you don’t have comments! I do appreciate the information you posted even if I’d prefer it in a format more amenable to my FeedDemon/NetNewsWire habit…

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