BBC Demo at MIX in Bill Gates Keynote – All Avalon All The Time

If you were at MIX or watched the webcase, you may have seen the very cool BBC demo in Bill Gates keynote mentioned in this press release.  The press release mentions that the demo was built using WPF, but it wasn't mentioned in the keynote speech.  This is a very cool app and hopefully, we'll have a video of this somewhere online shortly.

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  1. Pat Long says:

    I worked on the BBC demo here in the UK. Glad you liked it, it was a fun ride, getting a little on the edge towards the end 🙂

  2. ned says:

    I was there in the audience and it was very slick.

    When I watched it I thought it was WPF app but wasn’t it running in a browser?

    Was it a WPF app embedded in a browser or was it a WPF windows app?

  3. Pat Long says:

    It was most definetly a windows app, all the video ran within the app including the fullscreen videos (apart from the final Media Centre bit).

    I have lost count of the times i watched the baboon video during devving the app.

  4. Pat — Nice Work! That demo was fantastic.  Yeah, I’m sure you had fun with the MediaElement.  🙂

  5. Marlon Smith says:

    Though I do like to see the flashy demos, I like would to start seeing some more business application oriented demos/samples.  

    A large percentage of your target audience builds business applications.  While all the flash would be cool, my users are not that young, nice style and some animated visual queues would nice.

    We are now building Outlook style UIs, where do we go from here?  Considering we don’t have a designer on staff.

  6. GRiNSER says:

    you will have to geht designers on your staff to be competetive 😉

  7. Doug Cook says:

    This and other demos from Mix can be see on the Mix website:

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