The North Face In-Store Explorer White Paper and Sample Updated for February CTP

Up on MSDN, the The North Face In-Store Explorer White Paper and Sample has been posted, updated for the February CTP.  A couple things to note. (1) When you install the .msi for the samples, it will say November CTP.  Disregard -- this compiles with the February 2006 CTP.  (2) The video carousel is a bit flaky, depending on your video driver.  Sometimes, the sound all plays simultaneously and you don't get volume control. 

BTW, sorry for the silence on the blog: in MIX mode.  See you in Vegas.

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  1. Thomas says:


    I’ve seen this yesterday and I’ve try to compiled the example: they are not working.

    Some methods are not available and the namespace of the XAML files are the same as the January CTP of WinFX (/2005/)

    Have you correct this since yesterday ?


  2. Thomas says:

    Ok, I’ve just check it: it’s OK now


  3. ajmiles says:

    Great news that you took the time to go back and update the North Face demo. I had the February CTP installed, spotted the original and was disappointed I couldn’t use it with that.

    The VideoCarousel is a nice idea but as you mention, it is "flaky", I get all the problems you point out with sound. Is there any indication what is the root cause of this, the beta nature of the CTP, video drivers, bad code…?

    Thanks muchly,

    Adam Miles

  4. karstenj says:

    The flakiness is a combination of where the media apis were at Feb CTP and driver issues.  For example, on the latest ATI Radeon drivers on my desktop, I see the issue, but on my ATI Mobility drivers on my laptop, I don’t.  I figured I’d post it anyway, as you could certainly replace the videos with images or visualbrushes of other Avalon content, perhaps that’s living offscreen…

  5. dzCepheus says:

    I’m getting a weird error – when I try to run from inside the IDE, I’m getting this exception on the line ‘app.Run();’ from MyApp.g.cs: "No operations are valid on a closed media player except open and close."

    It compiles fine, and it also crashes when not running in the IDE.

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