.xbap Launches From vs But Crashes From File System

Just hit this issue: .xbap (Avalon Web Browser Application) launches fine from VS, but crashes if you launch it from the file system.  Reason?  You probably have a .dll that you are using inside your application that you created as a “WinFX Custom Control Library” and in its .proj file, there is a <UICulture/>.  However, the .proj file of the application itself, which you likely created from the “WinFX Web Browser Application” has no <UICulture/>.  And things blow up. 

This is a known issue with the November CTP — the workaround is to remove the <UICulture/> from the .proj file of the control and recompile.

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  1. Or you can add <UICulture/> for the .proj for the application itself – works for me.

  2. Corrado Cavalli says:

    I’m having a similar problem with Nov CTP,

    I have a very simple nav app made up of


    It runs fine from VS 2005 but shows nothing when running the xabap from IE.

    I have no controls or <UICulture/> entries…

    Any idea?

  3. karstenj says:

    When you say shows nothing, can you elaborate? Does it try to install and fail? What does IE display?

    BTW — good point, Valentin!

  4. Corrado Cavalli says:

    In this case no install errors, I mean that i can see the navigation bar but page is totally empty..

    If you need some more info you can also contact me at corrado (at) mvps (dot) org