MCE WPF Application and Article — Impressive Prototype!

Casey, from brains-N-brawn, has written an article that describes his experience with Avalon and MCE, along with the Windows Media Player SDK. His inspiration is largely a cloning exercise -- you can read the article to find out the details on what he's cloning.  The article has lots of screenshots, videos of the application working and, even better, the source code!  Take a look! 

One of the things he does in the application (and describes in an article) is creates a way to play .wav files other than using the MediaElement using the System.Media.SoundPlayer -- he hit some bugs here but worked around them with some clever asynch tricks. 


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  1. Okay this is way cool, however when I try to compile the source code I have an unresolved reference to WindowsFormsIntegration, I am trying this with the late CTP of winFX and visual studio beta two, looking up the reference, I cannot find windowsformsintegration at all. Should I be trying this with just vista and the SDK ? What builds are supported?

    Either way the source code is a cool study..

  2. Cancel my last comment I found the reference assemblies, not where I was expecting them to be.. I feel like such a newbie GEEZE.


  3. Newbie — geez give yourself a break! I don’t see why it is at all intuitive that the WindowsFormsIntegration .dll is in an entirely different directory (C:Program FilesReference AssembliesMicrosoftAvalon) — pat yourself on the back for decrypting this strange logic…

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