3M eLearning app — sophisticated example of Avalon hosted in a browser

Okay, this is slightly old news (I was on vacation two weeks ago and on the road this week) but worth posting nonetheless.  Up on Channel9 is the 3M eLearning demo built by LogicBay. Reasons to watch this:

1. Entire demo runs in browser, probably the most sophisticated .wba application built on Avalon to date.  Some features include 3D interacting learning, video, XPS and more. 

2. Demo shows statefulness between Avalon and .html, in that you navigate away from the .wba and using the back button, you come right back statefully to where you left.

3. Shows an early look at WPF/E with Avalon on a device.

4. Application is a "real world" app, not just demonstration of a feature.

You can really get a sense of the possiblities of Avalon Express Applictions with this demo!

Check it out!

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