More 3D Samples: RHogue Does It Again

If you are looking for more 3D samples, check out RHogue's site, where you can download a bunch of innovative samples that really show where Avalon 3D shines.   Several of his samples simply map 2D images (.png, .bmp, etc.) to a simple 3D plane, but then he does very clever things with the planes, animating them, flipping them, rotating them, etc.  For example, the foldout sample uses this technique and does some nice animations building to all 9 images placed as seen below.

He has some other sample, one the morphs the 3D mesh and another that quite compellingly shows the use of MaterialGroups in Avalon 3D, in particular the use of emissive materials to create additive blending which creates hotter glow effects.  You can get a sense of this from the image below, but actually running the app and seeing how the animations cause random blending really shows off the platform.

All of his samples use the trackball control which allows you to use the mouse to rotate the mesh and zoom in/out. My next project: add the trackball control to Sandbox3D and wire up the mouse events to the slider.

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