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I wanted to provide a little more context on the Amazon Web Services.  First off, for those that aren't familiar, the Amazon Web Services are Amazon's platform web services, a powerful platform that allows programmatic access to all of the Amazon data. See the ECS Documentation for more.
To use the services, you will need a Subscription ID, which is free and easy to acquire.
There are some great resources out there for using the Amazon services above and beyond the materials on Amazon's site:
First, check out the Amazon Web Services blog
Second, there is a great site call AWS Zone. Perhaps the coolest feature is a code generator that generates code for you based on any function of the Amazon API, which is vast, in C# or VB.NET.
Third, keep an eye on the AWS forums, which is well monitored and a great place to get help if you are having issues.
Lastly, the samples I mentioned in my last post that show an ASP.NET web control in C# and VB.NET are now posted on Amazon's official samples page.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I had a heck of a time trying to connect the dots to use the services at first, because they have virtually no .NET documentation to speak of. Once you’ve written a little code though, it gets easier.

  2. Definitely check out the code generation tool up on — it is incredibly helpful!

  3. Jason Haley says:

    Some more interesting finds this week

  4. Francis Shanahan says:

    You might enjoy my Amazon search tool: Zuggest!

    It works like "Google Suggest" in that is searches Amazon AS YOU TYPE without having to hit submit and without the entire page refreshing in the browser.

    It’s built with Javascript, ASP.NET and the Amazon Web Services.

    It’s a lot of fun! Check it out at



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