German and Japanese Language Packs Available for Dec CTP

For the first time, WinFX has German and Japanese language pack download pages: Just another step on the road to shipping!  


Dec CTP Posted — Also What’s New Article on MSDN

The draft piece I posted for the Nov CTP is now posted on MSDN.  This build of WinFX has very few changes from the November CTP.  The main difference is that it is compatible with Vista build 5270.051130, which will be shipping as the Vista December CTP.  


Serialization, ObservableCollection and WPF Avalon Databinding

Most of the data binding samples in the SDK show binding to an object data source where the objects are populated in code, such as: Employees e = new Employees();e.Add(new Employee(“Joe”)); This is all well and good for samples, but not necessarily how real applications work, which go to a database, a web service or use…


WPF 3D LookDirection

If you are doing 3D in Avalon, you must read Ernie’s post on the change in the November CTP to LookDirection.  This was glossed over in the breaking changes document I posted.  Ernie does a great job of explaining what is happening under the covers.  It also explains why your 3D scene might disappear when you…


Creating A Full Trust Avalon Web Browser (.xbap) Application

I recently needed to create a full trust .xbap application on the November CTP.  As you may know, Avalon Web Browser applications run in a sandbox, which allows them to be installed without any security prompts.  However, there are cases, such as intranet applications, where allows an in-browser application to do more makes sense.  It…


.xbap Launches From vs But Crashes From File System

Just hit this issue: .xbap (Avalon Web Browser Application) launches fine from VS, but crashes if you launch it from the file system.  Reason?  You probably have a .dll that you are using inside your application that you created as a “WinFX Custom Control Library” and in its .proj file, there is a <UICulture/>.  However,…


Another Issue With Media In Nov CTP – Media ends early

If you are using media in clock mode (again, see the draft article on the Nov CTP for more on the modes for media), you may find that the media cuts off early and, if you are listening for the MediaEnded event, you never get it.  This is an known issue with the Nov CTP;…


Restarting Media in Nov CTP

Just came across an issue with restarting media in the Nov CTP.  First off, assume the code is using independent mode.  (See the draft of the what’s new article for more on media in the Nov CTP and the difference between independent mode and clock mode.) Let’s say you have a movie or sound that…


What’s New in the WPF November CTP — Also Breaking Changes

Okay, I can get back to blogging about Avalon now that the November CTP is out.  (Silent periods on my blog are either because I’m on the road or on a build of Avalon that isn’t public yet.)  Rather than repeat the URLs, see my good man Tim’s blog post.  I’ve got an article coming…


"Caught up in a system of references" — More on Post-Structural Programming

I encountered another pertinant passage related to programming in Chapter 1 of The Archeology of Knowledge (1969) by Michel Foucault.  In this chapter, entitled “The Unities of Discourse,” he sets out to challenge a host of assumptions.  These assumptions, or “unities” as he calls them, are deeply ingrained in most projects of critical analysis.  One unity…