Installing Monad on XP or Win2k3

If you would like to install Monad on XP or Win2k3, you can do that by following these instructions:

1. Acquire a passport account


3. Logon using the guest ID ‘mshPDC’

4. Register using the registration form

5. Wait 24 hours for the confirmation email and account details.

6. Log back onto and you will be automatically redirected to the content.

The build of Monad acquired from this site is actually a newer version that the build contained in the WinHec build.  Also, there is supporting documentation and collateral provided up on the beta site, as well as an active community.  So if you really want to play with Monad, you should get this build and supporting collateral as opposed to using the WinHec Monad installation described in my last post.

Oh, and if you don't know what Monad is (other than you Leibnitz Monadology philosophers out there), it is a new command shell that embraces .NET.  It thoroughly relies on the metadata provided through reflection of .NET objects to allow for dynamic scripting of behaviors on the system.  Rather than piping text output, which is the way most command line interfaces handle the marshalling of data, MSH pipes strongly typed .NET objects, allowing for much more fidelity and precision in the types of commands and scripts that can be executed in the MSH environment. But it also supports "cd", "dir", "ls" and all your other favorite shell commands. Way cool.

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  1. Karsten,

    thank you. thank you. thank you.

    with sugar on top. 🙂


    thomas woelfer

  2. JosephCooney says:

    Sign up to test Monad (the new windows shell in Longhorn) on Win XP or Server 2003

  3. boyd says:

    I’ve read everything i could and this thing sure seems to be a really nice but i’m currently stuck at step 5 after waiting 72h. Maybe the beta program is full or broke. Or maybe i should have lied about me not beeing a US citizen (?). 🙂

  4. Karsten,

    the docs say one needs a previous version of the clr; can we expect a build that will run on the current beta of clr 2 ? or will the version available on winbeta run on the current beta ?


    thomas woelfer

  5. Daniel Jin says:

    can it be installed on 2000?

  6. flipdoubt says:

    It says I have to install the .NET 2.0 Framework Beta. Will that screwup my VS.NET 2003 and my dev machine?

  7. it will not screwup 2003; you can safely install the net 2.0 beta. however, monad will _not_ run with the current 2.0 beta. (i just tried…). i assume you really need to use the bits from winhec…


    thomas woelfer

  8. Daniel Jin says:

    I tried to register with the survey twice, and I still yet to receive the confirmation. anybody else is having problem getting access to the download?

  9. Chris Sells’ took the plunge and installed the Monad drop from the beta site onto the WinHec build of Longhorn with success.

  10. Martin Karlsch says:

    @Daniel .. same problem here. Any ideas Karsten(or somebody else :)?

  11. Justin Kalis says:

    I would like to be added to the beta, I have beta tested all of the windows version to date.

  12. John Tobler says:

    I had no problem downloading and installing Monad on XP at work. It seems to co-exist with Visual Studio.NET 2003. I’m finding it a fun shell to use. Admitedly, I have not yet put it through any really serious stress tests, though. The verb-noun approach, especially when combined with aliases, makes sense and I’m happy to see that the designers are aware of the power of composition.

  13. BTW, there is a very active newsgroup on Monad which would be a great place to get your questions answered. The Monad team is monitoring the group diligently. To get access to the newsgroup, you need to register for the beta per the instructions above. Be patient — it takes 24 hours to get an ID and another 24 to get access to the bits and newsgroup. But it is worth it!

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