Writing Asynchronous, Bidirectional, Stateful, Reliable Web Services with Indigo

My article Writing Asynchronous, Bidirectional, Stateful, Reliable Web Services with Indigo went live today on MSDN.  Look forward to thoughts and feedback.  I think the bidirectional features of Indigo are incredibly interesting and haven't been given enough limelight.

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  1. Pierre Leignadier says:

    Hi Karsten,

    This is wonderful, and seems to fulfill all my dreams. This makes ws-eventing much more interesting. But when? when is is all this going to be available? Could MessageBus be available with Indigo before longhorn?

    What shall we do in the meantime, every solution seems so obsolete and unsatisfactory from an architectural point of view?


  2. Luke Stevens says:

    Cool. So finally web services will do what enterprise services have been doing all along. 🙂

    Will Indigo do anything to automate decoupling of statefulness in the communication from statefulness in the service—for example, to just-in-time serialize your IndigoService to and from a database, à la the ASP.NET session manager, so that a different server can handle RememberMe than the one that handled Greeting but still do the right thing?

  3. Microsoft hasn’t publicly announced any dates yet. What to do in the meantime… I’d check out Joe Long’s presentation on the Roadmap to Indigo:


  4. Luke – Read your recent post on the back and forth state/stateless toggle in the evolution of distributed platforms. Nice.

    Regarding your web farm scenario, the current plan of record is to address that scenario with existing state management features in the platform rather than offering a new one.

  5. Feroz Zahid says:

    Cool … We all wait for it.

    Feroz Zahid


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