Hosting An Avalon Application in a Browser: More than just flipping a bit

I recently wanted to convert a project that ran as a standalone Avalon application into an application that was hosted in the browser.   This is a very cool feature of Avalon, such that there can be a seamless experience from surfing the web to encountering an Avalon application.  There are two seperate templates in VS:…


More Avalon 3D Samples

Check out for some more Avalon 3D samples.  Robert Hogue is an amazing developer and these are definitely worth checking out.


FTP Sample Using Whidbey (.NET Framework 2.0 Beta 2)

I recently needed to upload a bunch of images via FTP.  This gave me a perfect reason to write some code using the new FTP classes in Whidbey.  Very nice, I must say. Below is the source code for anyone needing to grab a directory and dump a bunch of files to an FTP site.   I…


Avalon 3D Primitives: Animation and Transforms

I’ve posted an updated sample of my primitive 3D animation tool.  It is basically the same as for the WinHec build, although instead of using KeyFrames, I’m using the GetAnimations collection hanging of both the ScaleTransform3D and TranslateTransform3D to animate the dependency properties, ScaleVectorProperty and OffsetProperty, respectively.  Very simple…very clean.  Avalon programming so seductive.


Avalon is Back

After a few months of being dark, I’m back — and far more interestingly, Avalon is back.  This release, available to MSDN subscribers, runs on XP, which delivers on the announcement made last August.  Check out the introduction that Tim Sneath, Arik Cohen and I wrote and start playing.  The product team is very interested in…


Flying Donuts: 3D Animation in Avalon Made Easy (V3 of my 3D experiments)

3D is all well and good, but it gets really interesting when you can animate things.  It turns out that adding animation to 3D models in Avalon is extremely easy.  I modified my application (which bit by bit is turning into a 3D designer) so that you can create both translation and scale animations on…


Worldspace, Modelspace, Primitives and Code: The Donut Primitive, V2

If you are interested in Avalon 3D, you should be following Dan Lehen’s blog.  His most recent article is excellent and was quite illuminating for me, especially the understanding of how you can compose Avalon 3D models in a very similar way to composing Avalon 2D elements.  I went through Dan’s exercise and found it…


The .NET Framework, Genetic Programming and Rudy Rucker

This month’s MSDN has an amazing article on genetic programming with the .NET Framework. If you aren’t familiar with genetic programming, it is the application of evolution to writing algorithms and programs, fundamentally teaching the computer to breed applications.  This article uses the CodeDom to generate and breed applications based on a famous problem in genetic programming from John Koza’s…


Another Great 3D Demo

Another great 3D demo posted by Joe Beda of the Avalon team, including source code.  Looking at the code, a few things jump out.  The code is nicely componentized.  The hosting .exe references the 3D object as a control, so that you could include the control in your own projects.  And the control itself uses…