Add to database of Wi-fi/Internet at World Airports

I saw this tip in Steve Clayton’s blog post about, where users can read and write about internet access at the airports of the world.  Users rate Internet access based on Wi-fi, Cellular, Fixed Line, Powerpoints, Comport and Cost.  It’s in beta now and needs users to add data.  I found nothing for some…


Sprint will unlock cell phones

Sprint Nextel announced today that they’ll provide customers with the necessary codes to unlock their cell phones if a proposed settlement for a California class action lawsuit goes ahead.   Any phone you buy directly from a U.S. carrier will come “locked” to that provider.  My AT&T locked phone will only work with AT&T and…


Control Windows Media Center using a Windows Mobile 5 Device

Cool or couch potato? Matt Ivers has a step-by-step article on Coding4Fun titled Control Windows Media Center using a Windows Mobile 5 Device using Visual Basic or Visual C# Express Editions, Windows Media Center SDK 5.0, and the Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone SDK.  .


Mobile Search V2 released

The Mobile Search team has released V2 of the rich client application for Windows Mobile, as well as a major update to the browser based interface. Whether you have a J2ME (Java) phone, Windows Mobile phone, or any other device with a mobile browser, Live Search has you covered with maps, directions and business search….


Summer Camp? It’s iPhone Dev Camp

Now developers can create Web 2.0 applications using the web development guide for the iPhone just released by Apple.  If you’re a do-it-yourself type you can use the guide to integrate your app with the iPhone’s phone, mail, and maps, the kinds of media types that the Safari browser supports, and all that jazz.  …


Uh Oh. iPhone won’t sync with 64-bit Windows

The software that connects and synchronizes iPhone to a PC won’t run on 64-bit editions of Vista or XP, as reported by Information Week.  Looking for these requirements?  Good luck.  This screen is not easy to find.  The information is buried in a technical support page deep in Apple’s Web site.


500,000 iPhones sold over the weekend

So, half a million iPhones were sold over the weekend to mostly positive reviews.  Crave.cnet reports that 95 percent of iPhone buyers in San Francisco, New York and Minneapolis purchased the 8GB model, according to a survey conducted Piper Jaffray. About half were new customers for AT&T. The interface is unarguably stunning.  Who can say…


How to Use Windows Internet Sharing on Your Mobile Phone for a Modem (video)

My team mate Lance Zielinski was a little annoyed to find that AT&T charges an extra $14 per month to use his new free 8525 mobile device as a tethered modem, but even with the extra charge this is an awesome benefit.  Kevin Tofel’s video shows how to set up your phone as a modem…

I covet DeepFish

After spending the first 24 hours with my free AT&T 8525  PocketPC I realize the mobile browsing experience isn’t as great as kicking back in front of my 24 inch quad mon desktop system.  I’ve found just the solution I need but, alas, this club is not taking members the likes of me.    Deepfish…

Free AT&T 8525 Pocket PCs for Microsofties

The price just doesn’t get better than free, especially when the device is this awesome.  I just picked up a couple of AT&T 8525 Mobile Devices for myself and my son.  My husband and daughter are still deciding if they want the extra weight in their pockets.  It is a little bulky for those who…