Microsoft main campus in snow 2008

This slideshow shows what Microsoft main campus looked like on December 23, 2008, under a blanket of white after a big snow storm.  (At least, it’s big by Seattle standards.)  Add your own pictures to this feed by emailing them here, to my Microsoft Snow 2008 channel on Share on Ovi.   Check out the pictures of main campus…


Funny TechSpeak Video: Rockwell’s Retro Encabulator

This video reminds me of my first couple of weeks at Microsoft, where people seemed to be speaking a different language made up exclusively of acronyms, code-names and whacky milestones.  Drinking from the firehose.  

Yuk yuk, Life at Microsoft

Life at Microsoft: the Movie.  It’s pretty funny.  It’s pretty real.  Doesn’t every group have a ton of those Nerf guns?


Developer Heroes comic strip

Team mate Jason Sacks is doing that comic book thing again.  He’s working on a joint Microsoft/Seagate project to venerate developers and IT professionals in a “Heros Happen Here” comic strip that’s being published daily.  This is part of the community-driven HEROES happen {here} marketing campaign that honors the everyday heroes in our techie-world.  It’s…


Sloshing through slush

Sloshing through the slush between buildings today got me thinking about the snowstorm that covered main campus this very same week last year.  Remember the parking lot gridlock at 3:00 PM when the BMWs couldn’t make it up the exit ramps?  Remember all the snowmen?  Remember those crazy guys playing soccer?  Here’s the slideshow.


Melinda Gates goes public

 … about living with Bill, working with Warren Buffett, and giving away their billions in this in-depth article in the January 7 Forbes. It’s billed as her “first-ever” profile and gives a bit of insight into the very private woman that most at Microsoft look up to, and a lot of insight into what she…


Bill Gates Last Day Video



Bill and Hillary Clinton at Microsoft – what an inspiration

Bill Clinton is an inspiring speaker that makes you feel good about America and the world as he talks of the power each and every person has to make a difference.  His passion for giving and civic duty is infectious and the crowd at the Microsoft Conference Center this morning was alternately awed and animated…


I want to be a pirate…

I want to be Jack Sparrow.  Being Jack means you can be as outrageous as you like, the rules are all off.  I spent one day as Captain Jack when Developer Division had a pirate theme for Halloween, and it was a blast.  Can’t wait for my next chance to pull out my costume and…