Updated XNA Game Studio 3.0 starter kits

One of the coolest talks I heard at PDC2008 was XNA Game Studio 3.0.  Watch the session on Channel 9 (along with all the PDC2008 sessions) to learn about XNA Game Studio and the XNA Framework and how they help you to quickly create games using C# that run on Windows, the Xbox 360, and…


Cool game to understand the federal budget

Budget Hero is an engaging and journalistically sound game that encourages players to think through the complexities and challenges of the federal budget and the major policy issues of the 2008 election. It frames the policy debate as a set of federal budget choices determining how money will be raised and spent. Budget Hero forces…


Electric Car Batteries? Not a problem

Battery capacity might not matter for the future of electric cars if Shai Agassi’s vision is realized.  Agassi is one of Time Magazine’s Heroes of the Environment 2008 and he’s proposed a mashup of the automotive and mobile phone industries known as the Electric Recharge Grid Operator. The proposed ERGO would blanket the country with…


Driving the all-electric Tesla Roadster: WOW!

Picture being launched off an aircraft carrier in a high performance glider.  That’s what went through my mind the first time I was mashed back into my seat as the Tesla Roadster zoomed from 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds.  There’s nothing new about going fast in a sports car, but subtract the…


Tesla Electric Roadster on Main Campus Friday 9/26

Tesla will be on the Microsoft main campus to showcase their new Roadster on Friday, September 26. There will be a formal presentation for Microsoft employees from 2:30-3:30pm at the Microsoft Conference Center, providing details of their approach and innovation. They will have a roadster on display in front of the MSCC from 2-4pm. For…


XAML Power Toys v2 Released

Karl Shifflett of the Cider team has released v2 of his XAML Power Toys, that enable developers to quickly layout and maintain Line of Business Application forms.  Five great videos get you up and running with this Visual Studio add-in. Check out all the details and downloads on the ever useful blog, Karl on WPF….


Using vmcNetflix with Media Center to stream NetFlix movies

I’ll be spending some time this long weekend trying out the (beta) vmcNetflix to watch streaming movies on my TV using Media Center on my PC and my Xbox 360. Any Netflix subscription over $9 gets you unlimited (kind of grainy) streaming of something like 10,000 titles. I’ve played around with vmcNetflix and have found…


CSI Uses Photosynth to Solve TV Murder

  Talk about great product placement! Photosynth was used to solve a murder on “CSI: NY” last night.  If you’ve been in a cave somewhere, Photosynth was developed in Microsoft Research Live Labs and is the hot topic of many MSDN blogs. It takes a large collection of photos of a place or an object,…


Surface in AT&T stores this month

AT&T says it will start using Microsoft’s Surface tabletop computers, like the one unveiled last year. Surface computers will be used in retail stores starting this month to help mobile phone customers learn more about features, accessories, and rate plans. The first AT&T stores to use Surfaces will be near San Francisco, San Antonio, Atlanta…


How-to videos for the tech challenged

Next time your tech-hesitant parents or friends ask you for advice on RSS feeds, social networking or wikis, point them to this site. The folks at CommonCraft do a much better job explaining than you could. Their product is explanation. They use a simple format and real-world stories to make sense of complex ideas.  Check…