Mommy, Where do Servers Come From?

 “Mommy, Why is There a Server in the House?” is a children’s book dedicated to “Helping Your Child Understand the Stay-At-Home Server.” This is a breath of fresh air from our marketing team.  I mean, anything that makes the Gizmodo team “crap our pants with laughter” is a good thing, right? The Windows Home Server…


$50,000 up for grabs for Developing Windows Home Server Apps

You can win fame and fortune developing a hardware or software add-ins for the new Windows Home Server. To qualify, your custom add-in must use Windows Home Server RC 1, so register to receive it here. Other qualifications and information here. Windows Home Server Released RC 1 on June 12.  This software helps families with…


Bill Gates TV ad for HP MediaSmart Server

Have you seen it? Take a look at the new ad for HP MediaSmart Server for Windows Home Server, staring our own BillG.  Learn more about MediaSmart in Windows Home Server: are Consumers Ready?.  


Windows Home Server: are consumers ready?

Windows Home Server Team has lifted the cone of silence and the biggest secret around campus was announced in the BillG keynote at CES. But is Windows Home Server (formerly “Q”) the must-have data management system families need to connect and manage the multiple devices popping up in every room?  Definitely; the need is obvious.  But…