How to: opt out of unsolicited phone book delivery

Hey, you use the Internet to find phone numbers so why use up all those trees for yellow pages (and white ones too) that you never use?  Go to Yellow Pages Goes Green and opt-out to stop the delivery of unsolicited telephone books.


Talk to your friends about security

Are you being inundated with friends asking how they can make that new computer secure?  I am.  That’s why I’m pointing them to the Microsoft Security article, 5 steps to help protect your new computer before you go online.  After they’ve followed the instructions in the article, I can spend quality time figuring out how…


Microsoft main campus in snow 2008

This slideshow shows what Microsoft main campus looked like on December 23, 2008, under a blanket of white after a big snow storm.  (At least, it’s big by Seattle standards.)  Add your own pictures to this feed by emailing them here, to my Microsoft Snow 2008 channel on Share on Ovi.   Check out the pictures of main campus…


MSCoree.lib missing from WinSDK install?

Issue: The following Interop files are not installed to %winsdk%\include as expected after installing the Windows SDK for Server 2008 and .NET Framework: Cordebug.tlb Corguids.lib Format.lib Mscoree.lib        Mscoree.tlb Mscorsn.lib Tlbref.lib Cause: The Interop Library files are installed in a separate package from the Windows headers and libraries. This package is installed near the end of…


How should installation and patching work in future versions of Windows?

The Windows engineering teams are making plans for how application installation and patching will work in future versions of the operating system. They have created a survey to provide customers with an opportunity to tell Microsoft what their needs are in this area and what the priorities should be for improving how application patching and…


How should web-based and client apps work in future versions of Windows?

The Windows engineering teams are making plans for how web-based and stand-alone client applications will work in future versions of the operating system. To enable customers to provide input to these plans, they have created a survey. If you’re interested in providing input on how web-based and standalone client applications should function, please consider filling…


How should 64- and 32-bit apps work on future Operating Systems?

The Windows engineering teams are planning how 64-bit and 32-bit applications will work in future versions of the operating system, as 64-bit PCs become increasingly prevalent. They have created a survey that will enable customers to tell Microsoft what they feel the needs and priorities are for improvements in how 64-bit and 32-bit applications should…


FREE Windows Server 2008 Software When You Take Any of 3 Featured Training Courses

Learn all about Windows Server 2008’s powerful new management tools and security enhancements, plus come away with the skills you need to configure, maintain and troubleshoot Microsoft’s new server OS. The best part? You’ll also get to take home a FREE fully-licensed copy of Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition complete with 5 CALs. Act fast…


Updated XNA Game Studio 3.0 starter kits

One of the coolest talks I heard at PDC2008 was XNA Game Studio 3.0.  Watch the session on Channel 9 (along with all the PDC2008 sessions) to learn about XNA Game Studio and the XNA Framework and how they help you to quickly create games using C# that run on Windows, the Xbox 360, and…


What’s the difference between "CLR" and ".NET Framework"?

What’s the difference between "Common Language Runtime (CLR)" and "Microsoft .NET Framework"?  David Broman’s post explains it beautifully and was very helpful to me. CLR + managed libraries and tools = Microsoft .NET Framework The CLR is the low-level technology (much of it written in unmanaged, native code) that includes the garbage collector, security subsystem,…