CAPICOM.dll Removed from Windows SDK for Windows 7

CAPICOM.dll has been removed from the Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1: BETA and should be considered a deprecated component. You can find information on alternatives to using CAPICOM here - This MSDN article tells how to use the .NET Framework to implement security features for the following:

If you need to use CAPICOM.dll, you can download it separately from This download contains the redistributable files for CAPICOM and samples of its use.

Comments (2)

  1. AndyE says:

    This is really disappointing.  Doesn’t Microsoft think about developers who can’t use the .NET APIs?

    I personally developed an updating system for Windows Sidebar Gadgets that downloads a gadget and verifies the digital signature before installing.  To distribute the DLL with every gadget that uses that system would add 1.8Mb to a ~100kb gadget package.

    I also have a personal build of DropTo->Gadget, a sidebar gadget that packages a folder into a gadget file and then digitally signs it, using CAPICOM.

    Isn’t there any chance Microsoft would change their minds?  I really would have thought as much COM interfaces as possible would be left.  Even if the DLL were distributed with Windows but not registered, I could have the Gadget register the COM before use and unregister it again after use.

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