XAML Power Toys v2 Released

Karl Shifflett of the Cider team has released v2 of his XAML Power Toys, that enable developers to quickly layout and maintain Line of Business Application forms.  Five great videos get you up and running with this Visual Studio add-in. Check out all the details and downloads on the ever useful blog, Karl on WPF.


  • Create Business Form For Class
  • Create Business Form
  • Show Fields List For Class
  • Group Into
    • Border, StackPanel, WrapPanel, etc.
  • Remove Designer XAML
  • Remove All Margins
  • Edit Grid Column and Rows


  • XAML Power Toys Installation and Setup
  • XAML Power Toys Accessories
  • XAML Power Toys Business Form Creation
  • XAML Power Toys Create Business Form For Class
  • XAML Power Toys Fields List
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