Tesla Electric Roadster on Main Campus Friday 9/26

Tesla will be on the Microsoft main campus to showcase their new Roadster on Friday, September 26. There will be a formal presentation for Microsoft employees from 2:30-3:30pm at the Microsoft Conference Center, providing details of their approach and innovation. They will have a roadster on display in front of the MSCC from 2-4pm. For…


How to get the SDK Configuration Tool to work

The Windows SDK Configuration Tool sets which version of Windows SDK headers, libraries and tools you want to build with in Visual Studio. The tool shipped with the Windows SDK for Server 2008 but has had several problems. Here’s how to get it working in your scenario. Instructions are different depending on which Visual Studio…


Windows SDK components missing from VS 2008?

A couple of developers have written asking why the Windows SDK components that were expected to install with Visual Studio 2008 were missing after Visual Studio installed.  The Windows SDK installs several version 6.0a components whenever Visual Studio is installed: Windows headers are installed by default to \Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\include Windows libraries are installed by…


XAML Power Toys v2 Released

Karl Shifflett of the Cider team has released v2 of his XAML Power Toys, that enable developers to quickly layout and maintain Line of Business Application forms.  Five great videos get you up and running with this Visual Studio add-in. Check out all the details and downloads on the ever useful blog, Karl on WPF….