13 Great Setup Blogs

Some great setup blogs from folks around Developer Division:

Karen Albrecht, Visual Studio

Steve Bone, Windows Installer

Robert Flaming, Windows Installer Team

Hong Gao, Visual Studio

Pete Giffin, Visual Studio

Bret Grinslade, various setup and deployment

Peter Marcu, Visual Studio

Rob Mensching, WIX, Windows Installer, Windows Marketplace

Jason Sacks, Windows SDK

Aaron Stebner, Windows Media Center, Windows Embedded

Heath Stewart, Windows Installer

Quan To, Visual Studio

Windows Installer Team

Jason Sacks reveals what goes on under the hood in the Windows SDK setup in these two blog posts: Windows SDK: How our Web setup works and Windows SDK: How content makes it to your hard drive.  Jason is the Setup PM on the Windows SDK Team. 

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  1. If you are trying to create MSP files ( aka MSI patches ), one of the best tool I found to create PCP…

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