How to help in the search for Jim Gray

Technology legend Jim Gray is missing.  His 40' sailboat disappeared near the Farallon Islands in California in clear weather and calm seas.  You can help in the search using new technology developed by those that know and love him.  Techies at, working with scientists at Google, Microsoft and NASA, have developed a high-tech aid for scanning hundreds of satellite photographs of the waters off California's coast where Jim and the Tenacious went missing.

Amazon engineers used imaging software to split photos from a DigitalGlobe satellite into smaller segments and loading them onto Amazon's "Mechanical Turk" Web site, where numerous "Friends of Jim" can scan them from their own computers.  Read Dan Jones' blog to learn more and how you can help in the search for Jim Gray.

 Update February 19, 2007: Sadly, no trace of Jim or his boat has been found and the search has been called off.

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