SQL Server MA Resulting throwing "stopped-server" Exception

Last night, the one of our SQL MAs stopped working correctly with no apparent reason. Whatever happened, the result was that every time we run a full import on one of our SQL MAs, it reports a status of stopped-server. Literally, running a full import was causing the FIM Synchronization service to stop! Bizzare  

Looking in the Event Viewer showed:

The Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this XX time(s). The following corrective action will be taken in 6000 milliseconds.

Restarting the service did nothing. Refreshing the schema did nothing. Installing the latest hotfixes did nothing and all of the other MAs were operating normally. No other errors are being logged and there is nothing in the SQL Server logs either.  Frustrating!

Luckily, clearing the connector space seemed to address the issue. I wish I would write why or what caused the issue, but I can tell you that is what fixed it -- at least for me. If you are reading this because you came across the same issue, I am hoping it will fix it for you as well.

Looking in Event Viewer, the following 7031 Service Control Manager error event is recorded

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