DAX: Using filter and summarize in same Query

In this SQL Query we are grouping Sales by Year and Color plus adding a filter of 5000 select CalendarYear,color,sum(SalesAmount) from [DimProduct] join FactInternetSales on DimProduct.[ProductKey]=FactInternetSales.[ProductKey] join DimDate on dimdate.datekey=FactInternetSales.OrderDatekey Group by CalendarYear,color Having sum(salesamount)>5000 order by CalendarYear,color   Equivalent Dax of achieving same is: evaluate( filter (summarize (‘Internet Sales’, ‘Date'[Calendar Year], ‘Product'[Color] ,"Sales Amount",sum(‘Internet…



  The following example adds roll-up rows to the Group-By columns of the SUMMARIZE function call. EVALUATE SUMMARIZE( ‘Internet Sales’, ROLLUP (‘Date'[Calendar Year],Product[Product Category Name]), "Sales", ([Internet Total Sales]), "Tax",([Internet Total Tax Amount])) Red Box shows the sub-total of Categories further Brown Box shows Total of all Categories across all years.



SUMMARIZE function returns a summary table for the requested totals over a set of groups. Readers familiar with T-SQL SELECT statement, this is the equivalent of writing a query using the GROUP BY clause. Syntax – SUMMARIZE(<table>, <groupBy_columnName>[, <name>, <expression>]…) Demo – The Following example returns summary of the Internet Sales grouped around Country, Category…